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Trail running: Departure for the UTMA Skymarathon by Sylvain Lavoie

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Departure for the Skymarathon

UTMA, Trail running event

Before I undertook the famous hike that is the Jacques-Cartier, I was being very realistic about how difficult it would be to keep my 3rd position that I earned last year in reason of the current line up that was about to start the run. Although, I was very relaxed and for once I actually wanted to start the race slowly and gradually accelerate as it went on. I took the 8th position and my rhythm was perfect in the trails to not get too tired too quickly. After the third kilometer, I decided that I would outstrip the other three runners that were in front of me to become fifth. A few more kilometers after, I decided to accelerate my pace to catch up on to the winner of last year, Bryan Gagner, who was only a few meters up the hill ahead of me. As I reached the 15th kilometer, I was finally right behind Bryan where we both ran up the hill for the refueling U-turn, which was only three hundred meters away. As we reached the U-turn, Bryan took a small break to add electrolytes to his water, meanwhile I took the opportunity to speed up, because at that moment, I knew I could exceed him.

Confident and convinced that I could accelerate for the way back, I was running the trail at a good rhythm. I kept looking back to make sure that I would keep a good distance with my opponents. As I reached the 27th kilometer, I was not having as much fun as I was at the beginning of the race and all I was thinking of was to catch up on the other runners that were in front of me. All this stress of winning became heavy on my shoulders and I reminded myself that I was doing this race for pleasure and to enjoy the mountain, and without realizing it, I reached the third position at the 36th kilometer. I was beyond excited that the race was not over yet and I was only focusing on the great sensations I was feeling and managed to give one last maximum effort to finally finish second, one minute behind the winner.

Congratulations to all of the trail runners and we can say that the UTMA was an exceptional race with amazing landscapes. I even saw a reindeer at barely five meters from me. See you next year!!!

Sylvain Lavoie

Chewpod Ambassador

Ultra Trail runner

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