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Trail Running: The Devil is After us by Sylvain Lavoie

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  • Tue, Nov 21, 17

The Devil is After us

by Sylvain Lavoie, Chewpod Ambassador

It is 5 o’clock in the morning, my eyes are heavy and my heart is aching. The trail runners are all ready in the wonderful amphitheater of the devil. The race is starting, but I need to be careful of the upcoming distance: 80 kilometers. The landscapes and the beauty of trail are flabbergasting, without even mentioning the beautiful sunset that we only get to see in the movies. After the 20th kilometer, we are only three runners, Drolet, Bresson, and myself. Around the 37th kilometer, after passing the previous ravito, we learn that, sadly, Jérôme Bresson took the wrong way and had lost five minutes.

We have all been in this kind of situation and it is a part of cross country, but it is always deceiving when it happens.

Éric is going downhill and you can tell that this is his specialty, because I am following him in hopes that my legs are not going to give up on me. At the 46th kilometer mark, Éric tells me that he cannot keep up anymore and that I need to enjoy this race and finish on my own. After only a few kilometers, Éric re-emerges from his ashes and I could not be happier, because I have been slowly losing my rhythm. We are currently at the 56th kilometer, my energy is slowly going away, and I am doing the best I can to follow Éric’s cadence in hopes to survive.

Today is a good day for me and my trail running partner. As we are approaching the finish line, we both realize that the stars aligned for us to finish the race at the same time. So there we were, running through the finish line at the exact same instant. We were definitely suffering, but the satisfaction of finishing and living amazing moments during the race makes me realize how privileged I am to be able to run cross country.

Thanks to all of the volunteers and to the amazing organization.

See you next year !


Chutes du Diable race, 80 km, trail running

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