My favourite fatigue countermeasure chewing gum is the Energy-On-Demand Chewpod . Each piece of gum contains 50 mg of caffeine which is just enough to get me through a post-lunch dip.  Studies on the faster action of gum compared to other sources of caffeine looked at the effects of gum containing up to 200 mg of caffeine. Before you go this high, test the effects until you find the right dose for the desired effectiveness. 

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From the Front Lines: Trialing Caffeine "Chew Pod" to Mitigate Fatigue

 "The tablets were taken by aircrew when they felt it was necessary. Mental fatigue was scored before and after taking a dose. These results demonstrate an average 1.7 point  increase in alertness using this scale. Subjective responses were largely positive and spoke to: • Noticeable improvements in alertness and cognitive capability, • A quick method of caffeine delivery and effect (~5 minutes), • Portability and ease of storage, and • A decreased fluid load compared with drinking coffee or energy drinks which meant less trips to the lavatory."

Early bird or night owl? This little quiz will tell you!

Fri, Sep 01, 17

  Circadian rhythm is a biological rhythm of roughly 24 hours. These rhythms are in large part influenced by light; which determines our energy, alertness, and fatigue levels. An imbalance or a breach of your rhythm (which occurs all of the time) triggers a loss of productivity principally due to lack of sleep.

Gaming; More Than a Game!

Wed, Nov 01, 17

We immediately think of a young 15 years old teenager alone in the dark sitting in front of his screen for several hours. It’s not the case anymore, that community of 1.8 billion gamers is very well structured and diversified. The average age is 35 years old and is composed of almost as many men (56%) as women (44%). There are as many 18 years old gamers (26%) glued to their screens as gamers older than 50 years old (27%).