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Early bird or night owl? This little quiz will tell you!

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  • Fri, Sep 01, 17

Circadian rhythm is a biological rhythm of roughly 24 hours. These rhythms are in large part influenced by light; which determines our energy, alertness, and fatigue levels. An imbalance or a breach of your rhythm (which occurs all of the time) triggers a loss of productivity principally due to lack of sleep.

Propensity of an individual to sleep at a particular time during a 24 hour period is called Chronotype. (Are you a morning person or a night one?)

Define your Chronotype, it only takes a few minutes

Obviously your chronotype will vary depending on your age: the morning chronotype is relatively rare when it comes to young adults, but common among the elderly. The adaptation to social rhythms is especially difficult for the night chronotype. When a person is forced to wake up earlier than he/she naturally does, he/she suffers from, according to specialist Roenneberg, a social jet lag1. Research has demonstrated that people who have a night chronotype are more likely to suffer from obesity and depression.

Artificial lighting during the evening, and especially the blue light emitted by screens, may delay sleep by delaying the release of the sleep hormone, melatonin. Before using sleeping medications to help getting a deep and restful sleep, think of the most efficient and fast way to take melatonin.

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