Chewpod Energy Gum

Chewpod energy gum single pack
Chewpod energy gum single pack
Chewpod Energy gum
Chewpod energy gum
Chewpod energy gum 10 packs
Chewpod energy gum 10 packs
Chewpod Energy

Chewpod Energy

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Chewpod is a functional gum based on a patented technology. It contains a blend of natural ingredients, including caffeine, that are absorbed through the glands in your mouth. In other words, it's designed to keep you awake and give you energy when you need it most.

  • EASY TO CARRY AROUND | You can always have a pack of Chewpod in your pockets or bag for whenever you feel fatigue. Just take 2 gums and you are good to go! I bet you can't do that with a cup of coffee am I right?
  • CHEW & BE MORE YOU | Each package of Chewpod Energy On Demand comes with 8 individually packaged gums with a refreshing mint flavor. Chew 2 gums for 5 minutes!
  • CHEWPOD IS SUGAR FREE | No need to ingest 30 grams of sugar to get an energy boost. No sugar also means no energy crash. Each gum contains 50mg of caffeine.
  • IT WORKS FAST | In a matter of minutes after you started to chew, you can already feel the energy kick. Unlike coffee and energy drinks which take about 30 minutes to kick in.


Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews

Bon goût! Quand je nais pas de café sous la main c'est parfait!

Sebastián Arreguin
Great for camping trips

They’re light and easy to carry! Perfect for a camping trip

Kat Te

I like the minty taste but it didn't give me any energy bursts. It seemed like a normal gum.


Taste like idk what doesn't work happy it was free

Samantha M
Love it!

Fast acting, great stuff! I only use 1 gum piece instead of the recommended 2 and it's almost as strong as a cup of coffee. I don't find the caffeine effect lasts as long as a coffee, which is great for when you need short energy bursts