Trialing Caffeine "Chewpod" TO MITIGATE FATIGUE

"On OP IMPACT, Flight Surgeons have been trialing caffeine "Chewpod" as a pharmacological fatigue counter measure (PFCM) which tackles the alertness maintenance layer of defence. Though only one part of the broader implementation of the FRMS, this trial has yield positive feedback amongst participants deployed on operations."

You can find the article on page 6

Chewpod & Canadian Armed Forces

Being able to have a small contribution in helping our country is something we take a lot of pride in! As a provider to Canadian Armed Forces units and published in the Flight Comment, we believe Chewpod can make a difference for every military personel. Chewpod offers a boost of energy (100mg of caffeine per serving) anytime and anywhere! The packs being so light and waterproof, you can carry them with you no matter the adventure.